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Caribbean Travel & Tours opened its doors in 2004 in a bright turquoise building & green right along Placencia’s famous sidewalk. On any given day you can stop in and pay a visit to Lance and Veronique McKenzie, owners of Caribbean Travel & Tours. They are always happy to help with whatever travel need you might have.Caribbean Travel & Tours is known by the motto: 1 call ~ book it all

Caribbean Travel & Tours is a place where you can find out about any and all tours that Placencia has to offer. They work with the most reputable tourism partners such as South Belize Reef and Jungle, Monkey River Eco Tours, and Nite Wind Tours just to name a few. Not only that – Caribbean Travel & Tours handles the bookings for 7 very different accommodations that range from budget to private house to luxury such as fellow Placencia BTIA members Captain Jak’s Cabanas, Maya Lodge, White Sand Villa and Garden Cabanas. They also book luxuy resort auch as The Inn at Robert’s Grove, Casa Del Sol, Turtle Inn, Chabil Mar, Laru Beya. Caribbean Travel & Tours a licensed tour operator is can handle local and international flight, Western Union and much, much more.

The combination of Lance & Veronique’s knowledge made Caribbean Travel & Tours a reality but their story didn’t start there.

Lance is originally from Dangriga, but lived aboard in the United States in the cities of New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles for almost 40 years. While away from Belize Lance studied tourism management and worked as a travel consultant and manager for names like American Express and S.A.T.O Travel. His knowledge in tourism is broad – from high class to business to budget – he’s seen it all. Eventually Lance became homesick and decided it was high time he returned to Belize. He came to Placencia to help his family with the running of the Serenade Island Resort at Frank’s Caye.
A veteran in the field of tourism, Lance goes out of his way to insure that each and every tourist that seeks him out leaves Placencia with great memories that will last a lifetime.

Veronique is originally from South of France where she had a career as a chemist in the perfume and cosmetics industry. She then worked her way into sales, marketing, and advertisement at a high profile company, which gave her the opportunity to travel. This travel brought her to the United States where she lived in for ten years – time spread between Chicago, Los Angeles & New York. Believe it or not Lance and Veronique where actually “neighbors” in Los Angeles but fate didn’t see fit to introduce them just yet.
One day Veronique decided to come vacation in Belize and she fell in love with the beauty of the country and the warmth of the people. Not long after her return Stateside she felt something was calling her back for a longer stay. It took Veronique all of three months to return to Belize and in a few short weeks fate did step in – she met Lance and the rest was history.

Lance and Veronique set out on their first great production, their 2 precious little girls Zazie, age 4, and Olivia age 2. Veronique’s mom “Jane” joined the happy little family in Placencia 3 years ago. As much as she missed her home in France she loved being a grandma more and decided to stay.
Lance and Veronique, who have been residing here for more than 6 years, love living in the small community of Placencia in their “Yellow House” where their two little girls are growing up in a no stress environment, the warm weather, and the best beach in the country, not to mention friendly atmosphere. Lance, Veronique and the girls all have dual French and Belizean nationality and have plans to visit France this summer.

Along with Caribbean Travel & Tours and tending to her growing family, Veronique is also graphic designer and offers wonderful websites, logos, and photography.

If you want to find out more about Caribbean Travel & Tours and all the services they have to offer stop by for a chat, send them an email info@ctbelize.com or  call +501 523-3481 because as their motto goes – 
1 call ~ book it all.